We're loyal customers of ClearPath and we've gone through the process with them a couple of times. They’ve been a great staff and every year, we got a Christmas or Thanksgiving card, where there would be all handwritten signatures from the staff saying have a happy holiday and thank for you being loyal customers.

They’ve also always contacted us when the rates were going down or it was a good time for us to see if we wanted to refinance what our house was worth type of thing. And the times that they’ve called, my husband would say that we were gonna do what they suggested. They're kinda keeping an eye on out for us and we've always worked with them within the last six years. If they don’t reach us by phone, they contact us by email.

And we've always been able to contact them at any time. They’ve been a really good firm to work with on our part and we haven’t changed for that reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clearpath Lending Refinance.

Location: Modesto, California

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