Archdale, North Carolina

I like how ClearPath Lending treats veterans. If I met them first, I would have done my loan with them from the beginning.

The experience that I had with ClearPath Lending was a whole lot better than what I dealt with before and their people were friendly. They treated me like I was part of the family which made it easy to trust them. It didn’t feel like they were out to get you or you were being forced into anything. It was a good experience and I tell all the veterans that I know about it and they say, “Wow, it's that good?” And I tell them yes.

Everybody at their customer service hit home. The application process was easy. It was like night and day compared to what I had dealt with before. Once I started dealing with ClearPath, they told me that the lender that I had before would probably start calling me and like clockwork, they did.

They want to try to get me to come back to them but I said no.

I'm done with the bad experience. ClearPath is great!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clearpath Lending Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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